Lumigi: The Ultimate Guide to Process Data Quality Assessment

In our previous post, we revealed why we at Waves are stressing about process data quality so much in our process mining endeavours. Now, it’s time to reveal our new tool: Lumigi.


Setting the Scene

In short, each process mining quest starts with finding and cleaning the process data. This is a complex, manual process in which a lot of decisions are made that have a huge impact on the possibilities of the rest of your process mining analyses. Therefore, assessing the output of this transformation process is of utmost importance; without early detection of process data quality issues, the results of the analysis can be misleading or even flat out wrong. However, there is no structured approach to validate that the process data is of high quality. Or was, I should say, because our very first attempt to provide just that is out!


Enter: Lumigi

Lumigi is a freely available, independent tool that helps users to detect data quality issues for process mining. Not to mention it highlights the potential impacts of these issues on the process analysis. It is an effort towards systematic assessment and improvement of process data quality. 

Lumigi features a set of easy-to-understand quality dimensions, as well as indicative rules that can be used to quickly assess possible imperfections in your process data, with explanation of possible root causes and suggestions for reparation.  

Lumigi helps to prevent wrongfully drawn conclusions from process data by detecting data quality issues in the early stages of the process analysis.


How Lumigi Can Help You  

  1. Find data quality issues fast, decreasing the risk of an unnecessary tedious and complex discovery phase and wrongfully drawn conclusions. 
  2. Validate decisions made in the data preparation phase, like the selection of the case identifier or the level of detail of the activities. 
  3. Learn about data quality issues you might not have thought of before. 


Conclusions & Next Steps 

In this article, we introduced our new tool Lumigi. Lumigi offers a systematic way of looking at data quality, with easy-to-understand explanations and suggestions for repair. Lumigi is the first process mining tool focusing on data quality, and is under active development. We are looking to hear from users who might be interested in Lumigi. This will help our team to better understand the practical hurdles in data preparation for process mining and improve the tool accordingly.

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