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Process Mining

With process mining, we visualize the actual execution of processes in an objective, complete and data-driven manner. This identifies bottlenecks and risks, so that they can be dealt with effectively. By monitoring your processes continuously, you keep a grip on your process. Our company was born in the lecture room of the founder of process mining: Wil van der Aalst. So you could say that this technique has a special place in our entrepreneurial heart.


No one is happy about meaningless work. Administrative, repetitive tasks that consume a large portion of time are often perceived as pointless work - even though they are sometimes necessary to the process. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) offers the opportunity to quickly automate these process elements. This leaves everyone with more time to do what they do best. The result - less labor time required, faster processing and fewer errors - makes this technology well suited to quickly deliver tangible value.

Data Science

For some tasks, computers are better suited than humans, especially when the amounts of data become incredibly large. Through machine learning, decisions previously made by humans can be made by algorithms. Think of decisions such as categorizing, making predictions or identifying objects. This leads to a faster and more accurate execution of these tasks.

Business Intelligence

Making data intelligible in an intuitive way is an important step in data-driven process optimization. Only when we have clearly mapped the current situation can we determine how best to improve it. It is often powerful to make similar dashboards available to process stakeholders as well, enabling them to better support their decisions with data.

Data Engineering

Through a tightly structured data engineering process and a modern architecture, we are able to integrate any data source. The integrated data sources are stored centrally and uniformly. Subsequently, all our services make use of these sources, and we are even able to offer them recurrently.

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