Our Team

We are WAVES. Four enthusiastic entrepreneurs with a university level background in Data Science, Computer Science and Industrial Engineering and Management. Our goal is to provide insight in processes and to improve them, using data. We rely on process mining to do this.

Maarten van Asseldonk
Niek van Son
Lotte Vugs
Miel van de Water



How do processes run within the organization? While in the design phase of the processes at most a couple of variants are designed, the data often reveals tens to hundreds of different variants. We are capable of finding, analyzing and comparing these various variants.


To ensure a smooth course of events within the organization, it is key that processes are executed in accordance with pre-defined rules. We discover where these rules are violated and assist in redesigning the process to prevent these mistakes in the future.


How can I offer a better service to my customer? Where and when do bottlenecks occur in my production process? Can I handle my invoices faster? We help to answer these kind of questions on a day-to-day basis.

Process Mining

Nowadays, almost every business process is supported by information systems. For tasks that are executed using these systems, it is often registered when and by whom these tasks are executed. This data can be extracted from these systems as an event log; a chronological overview of system related events. Using process mining, this data can be intuitively visualized, to gain an overview of the process.


Máxima Medisch Centrum

A complex part of the purchasing process had not been mapped before. We linked different information systems together, discussed with domain experts and provided clarity into the course of action of these processes.

Gemeente Heusden

How are information systems currently used? Are my employees using the system as they are supposed to, or are they deviating from procedure? We answered these questions using process mining.

Berco Truck Components

Can we optimize the current assembly process any further, or should we install an extra assembly line? By identifying the biggest bottlenecks and investigating throughput times after earlier improvement projects, we were able to answer this question within one day.

Interested in what we can do for your organization?

Don't hesitate to contact us via info@wavespi.nl or via +316 33 96 87 70

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